Activities (Marketing Promotion Activities)

         The regular activity engaged by Penguin staff, which is going into the field to make offers for customers, recommend services for both product and services for end user and business customers country-wide. To listen to opinions of our customers and to use those to continue improving our product and services to answer their needs better.

 Consumer Voice 

         With products and services answering the needs of all range of customers, Penguin has been trusted by our customers to provide value service with a country-wide quality network. These are some of their responses.

Company team

Noy Theresa

”very save, I like calling for free to my family. I bought for my child and my mother. Using Internet is also very cheap price. I can use it to watch movies on mobile.”

Company team

Evezii Mokkasamit

“They have so many unlimited internet tariffs to choose from. You buy longer tariff, you will get to use it even cheaper, only a bit more than a hundred Baht per month”

Company team

Monton Wainggaed

“I use it to watch Live streaming of football matches. No hiccup at all.”

Company team

Nantawan Sri

“I saw this SIM in 7-11 store, so I bought it to try. I admire it, very cheap internet.”

Company team

Ruedee phimchaisri

“I use it to broadcast my online selling live. Lots of orders coming in.”

Company team

นู๋ไก่ กะ ลูกรัก

”I applied Internet plan for my child for online classes, very save. The internet tariff is very cheap, helping me to save my expenses a lot.”