Our "Penguin" has been created as our brand logo and character which reflects the quality of friendliness, fun and sincere in the development of our products and services with the following composition;

    • Extra FUN

    • SIMPLE

    • FAIR/Budget Control 


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Our Products

Our products put emphasis on affordability

        Our main product are of the prepaid line that offers the value both with voice and data and provide services to fit the usage behaviors of our 3 main target groups, such as;

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Mass Market in Rural Area Group

Utilizing the strength of our signal and our wide coverage of 850, 2100, 2300 MHz 3G|4G signal

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Segment Groups

    Penguin understands customers of all ages, so we design targeted SIMs to answer the needs of each target groups such as Seniors, Teenagers, and Working Age people such as  Senior SIM, Teen SIM and  Rider SIM

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Tourist Groups (inbound & outbound)

  Foreign tourists traveling inside Thailand and Thai tourists traveling abroad

Our Solutions

   The WhiteSpace is a Solution Provider with team of over 20 years of experience in the Telecom industry. Not only do we offer solutions that are related to communications technology such as SIM, WI-FI, LORA to link between Front-End to the central system, we can also provide services that improves operational efficiency for our clients or provide solutions to our clients’ issues such as

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IoT (Internet of Things)

    We have sensors that are able to monitor the status of various things such as soil, water, air, sound and velocity or any other desired characteristics. We also provide the systems that would gather those information and present them in a way that is easy to understand and simple to integrate or apply with other systems.

Security Management

    The system is capable of managing securities operations on an end-to-end basis from Human Resource Management, Signing in-Out, Hourly Work Tracking, utilizing AI in assisting detection, notification and escalation of incidents including advising emergency protocols . All of this can be managed and monitored from the central system on the executives’ mobile app.

Telecom Service

    Other than SIM services and packages for individual customers. We also have to offer special packages from organizational customers with specific requirements such as usage limits, using specialized equipment or technical limitations such as outputting data to a particular server or any other requirement that your organization may need. Even without large volume, we are happy to meet those requirements with our Business Solution SIM and we also offer Corporate Portal that would help our customers manage their SIMs.

Logistics and SCM (Supply Chain Management) Tracking

    Building up from the IoT systems, we can collate the information from the IoT systems into a system that allows the tracking of the business on a high-level. Which enables a more streamlined and efficient operation while having the benefits of eliminating redundancies within the operation.

Business Efficiency

    For the clients with IT systems or even for those without one, but are experiencing the internal management delays, approvals or large volume of document works or decentralized information within the organization. We offer solutions that can help solve these issues by utilizing electronic documents that can be transferred easily within the organization similarly to text messages for ease of approval or for forwarding. This can be installed quickly and we have on offer the solution that would compile the decentralized information into a singular Management Dashboard so the executives could effectively use said information to make management decisions without having to wait for reports and risking obsolescence of information.

Specific Requirement

    With our extensive experience and the breadth of our knowledge in IT and Telecom, if you have system requirements or are seeking a solution to increase the efficiency, cost reduction, business expansion. You can contact us for preliminary consultations. In the end, we might not have the solutions that you seek, but we assure you that we would make it worth your time.