With a diverse group of customers and an ever-increasing demand from our customers. We accept Business Partners with their own solutions that we can help develop and maintain the system for the long-term. Our target segments are as follow.


    Focusing on the students’ securities and a management system package

Governmental Agencies

    The Government Sector still has beads for SMART CITY, IoT and digital transformation in order to fulfil the requirements of the Thailand 4.0 Initiative.

Service Industry

    The need for systems that would track their employees such as technicians, security guards or housekeepers to allow the management of the firm to provide services according to their SLA.


    With IoT based systems and increasing efficiency of the production floor and the back office


    Smart Farming is still a solution that remains relatively untapped since the younger generations now are getting more interested in developing agricultural business and services related to production. Hence, other than IoT that they can use in managing their crop, the product management and tracking system are also highly desired.


    GPS Tracking, which is considered the precursor to IOT, but in the future, sensors would become more versatile and data sending/receiving through 3G|4G|5G, WI-FI and LORA that became more open revolutionizes the Logistics industry. This in turn has turned this system into one of their core systems for other peripherals such as SCM and connections to ERP systems.

We accept the proposal for any other interesting solutions other than the above. 

If you have the solution, we can work on marketing it together.